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Immigration Requirements for New Businesses in the UAE

New businesses must open files at the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs immediately upon receiving their trade license.  This must be done through the representatives of the business.

Registering the Representatives: Representative Cards

Each new business must register an employed representative and obtain a representative’s card at both the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to act on their behalf.  In order to apply for the representative card at both offices, one must submit an application form, typed and submitted through the Injaz program along with the following documents:

  1. Trade License Copy.
  2. Representative’s Passport Copy and Residency Visa.
  3. Two color passport size photographs of the Representative.
  4. Copy of the Establishment Card.
  5. Application fee.

Business Registration with the Immigration Authority: The Immigration Card

In order to open an immigration file, one must submit the application form, which must be typed and submitted through the Injaz program, stamped with the company stamp, and signed by the local partner or national agent.  The following documents must be attached to the application:

  1. Passport copies of the authorized signatories and the owners of the business.
  2. Original trade license plus one copy.
  3. Copy of telephone bill.
  4. Map of the business location.
  5. Application fee.

If the application is approved, the Immigration Department will issue an immigration card to the new business, renewable every three years.

Business Registration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs: The Labor Card

New businesses must register with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in order to obtain an Establishment Card and open a file.  The documents required for such registration include:

  1. Application form.
  2. Copy of trade license.
  3. Copy of all the partners’ passports.
  4. Copy of civil registration for local sponsor or partner.
  5. Copy of the business location map.
  6. Copy of the Articles of Association for the company.

When employing an individual, an employer must first obtain the approval of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs prior to applying for the individual’s visa.

*This information was taken from Al Tamimi, Brochure on Immigration Law.

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