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Visa Requirements for New Born Babies in the UAE

If an expat woman with residency in the UAE gives birth in or out of the UAE, the guardians of the baby must apply for a residence permit of the baby at the Immigration Department within four months of the baby’s birth.  If this is not done, the baby’s father or legal guardian must pay a fine of 25 AED a day until the residence permit is obtained.  Along with the application and application fee, one must submit a copy of both the passport of the mother and father as well as a copy of the baby’s birth certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

* This information was taken From Al Tamimi brochure on Immigration Law.


  niti wrote @

Halo i would just like to query that i am from south africa and i have been called to dubai to work. My baby is 3 month old and i want to bring her with me i want to know what are the rules?

  Reynaldo wrote @

We apply for a resident visa for our new baby and our company told us to deposit AED 5,000 and according to them this is the new rule.
Is this correct ?

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