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Archive for October 3, 2012

The Efficiency of Participation and Conventional Banks in Turkey: Using Data Envelopment Analysis


Durham, UK



Bengul Gulumser Arslan

Economy Department, Anadolu University, Yunus Emre Campus, Eskisehir, Turkey

Tel: +90-506-5046273; Fax: +90-222-3350595




Etem Hakan Ergec

Economy Department, Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Meselik Campus, Eskisehir, Turkey

Tel: +90-554-9794422; Fax: +90-222-2392527

Do Monetary Policy Stance and Participation Banking Influence the Real Economic Activity? Empirical Evidence from Turkey


Durham, UK



Oguzhan Ozcelebi

Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics;

E-mail:; Tel: 90 212 440 00 00 (11745).

The Evolution of Participation Banking in Turkey

Durham, UK

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